I’ve created this page to post any errors caught on my charts and their corrections. Please, if you find what you believe to be an error, check this listing first. If the correction doesn’t appear here, please contact me and I’ll look into it, make the correction, if needed, and add it to this listing. Thanks!

#213 AUTUMN LITTLES: Tops of Acorns in ACORN SQUIRREL pattern should be stitched with Molasses. The Black Dot symbol shown on the pattern is incorrect.

#204 JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER TRIO: The AUGUST design has an error in the chart. The Seagull on the left side is charted with one of the wingtips stitched in Twilight and one in Kohl. Both wingtips should be stitched in Kohl.

#199 BLESSINGS ABOUND: An incorrect design size was listed on the back of the leaflet for BLESSED. The Stitch Count is 124w x 40h and the approximate finished size should be 8.5″ x 3.”

#194 EASTER HOUSE TRIO: There is a typo in the DMC alternate color for Weeks Blue Bonnet. It should be 826, not 836.

#185 SUMMER HOUSE TRIO: The symbol for the color Soot was left out of the symbol chart. The missing symbol should be a black diamond  ♦ .

#182 SPRING HOUSE TRIO: The Chimney on the SHOWERS HOUSE should be stitched with Pebble (or DMC 3024) not Highland Heather.  The letter “G” on the SPRING HOUSE should be stitched in all Victorian Pink. There is a misplaced symbol in that letter indicating one stitch is done in Rhubarb. Disregard that.

#180 WINTER HOUSE TRIO: The DMC Alternate for Chalk was left off the supply list on the back of the pattern. That DMC alternate is White. That missing color made the DMC alternates listed for Wrought Iron, Honey Dew and Ruby Slipper not line up with their matches. The remaining colors listed under Chalk and their alternates are as follows: Wrought Iron…DMC 310,  Honey Dew…DMC 822, Ruby Slipper…DMC 355.

#ML26 STITCHING EACH DAY: A usage note on Paris Green was left off the supply list. This pattern uses 2 skeins of that color, not just one.

#ML23 MY STASH IS HUGE: Thread list calls for Week’s Dye Works “Salmon” #2249. It should be Week’s Dye Works “Sockeye” #2249.

#178 CHRISTMAS HOUSE TRIO: MERRY HOUSE – The little snowflakes in the sky above the house were left off the printed leaflets. Click HERE to download a corrected version of that portion of the chart in PDF file format.

#177 SEARCH THE SKY: One of the floss colors needed for the pattern, Gentle Art’s Simply Shaker Sunflower, was left off the supply list on the back cover. The DMC alternate to that color, DMC 972, was also left off. Both are listed in the stitching instructions, however.

#175 HALLOWEEN HOUSE TRIO: The following symbol & color are missing from the symbol chart:  〉 ……. Banker’s Grey.  This symbol appears in the body of the house with “Halloween” above it.

#174 PATRIOTIC HOUSE TRIO E-PATTERN VERSION: The symbol for Dungarees in the symbol chart is incorrect. It appears as a circle with a dot in the center, but it should be “⊥” – an upside down T. That is the symbol as it appears on the pattern.  Also, the DMC alternate for Gold Leaf is 3820 and not 3829. Those errors have now been corrected on the e-pattern download file.

#144 JULY MONTHLY SAMPLER: Backstitching on the Sand Castle should be done with 1 strand of DMC 420.