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Listing of all of Waxing Moon’s available in-print designs. Most recent first.

Christmas Tree Trio
#189 Christmas Tree Trio
Autumn House Trio
#187 Autumn House Trio
Turkey Trio
#188 Turkey Trio
186 Witches Brew Pub
#186 Witches’ Brew Pub
#185 Summer House Trio
#185 Summer House Trio


spring house trio web pic
#182 Spring House Trio
love sweet love web pic
#181 Love, Sweet Love
ML26 Stitching Each Day
ML26 Stitching Each Day

#180 Winter House Trio

#180 Winter House Trio

Frosty Friends
#179 Frosty Friends
Christmas House Trio web pic
#178 Christmas House Trio
Search The Sky
#177 Search The Sky
Autumn Blessing
176 Autumn Blessing
Halloween House Trio
175 Halloween House Trio
Dem Bones Web Pic
ML25 Dem Bones
Patriotic House Trio
174 Patriotic House Trio
Christmas Pounds
173 Christmas Pounds
Old Witch Mary
172 Old Witch Mary


Enough Winter
#171 Enough Winter!
Witch On Duty
#170 Witch On Duty